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Get to the root cause of your health concerns with neurologically-based chiropractic care.

Drs Nicole and CJ Castellano

Your Nervous System

The fixed guiding point of your health

Your body was intelligently designed to heal and function on its own. Your nervous system, comprised of your brain, spinal cord, and nerves, controls and coordinates every cell, tissue, organ, muscle, joint, and process of your body. 


The bones that make up the spine protect this vital communication between the nervous system and the rest of your body. Misalignments of your spine (a.k.a. vertebral subluxations) cause stress and irritation to your nervous system, leading to aches, pains and dysfunction anywhere in your body. In fact, a variety of health issues can arise, sometimes immediately and sometimes after years of improper nerve function.


As Chiropractors, we identify where there is interference to the nervous system, and correct it at the source. This allows us to avoid the unnecessary interventions that often come with a reactive, symptom-based approach to care AND achieve long-term results.

Brenda S.

"I highly recommend True North Chiropractic. Drs. CJ and Nicole have been amazing. I have got my health and life back. I'm able to do things that a year ago I didn't think were possible. If you want to make a change and invest in your personal well being, just do it!"

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Our Mission

"Nature needs no help, just no interference."

- B.J. Palmer

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